I suggest to start with looking in the logs of the DB server. With this, you may still require to override the default behaviour of java. This content cannot be displayed without JavaScript. If you do not need views, disable this feature by setting the flag to false. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I found this link for the same problem with 64bit system, driver jdbc 11g and connection reset:

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Vefsion “connection reset” error message generally means that the other side has aborted the connection during the attempt to create a connection the handshake. As it happens intermittely, a bug in the JDBC driver can be less or more excluded.

Internet Explorer 6 is not compatible with Aloha Editor. Oracle 11g Release If you issue a hostname command like this: Locate the line that defines the Java Class Path variable java.

When a connection is made with Oracle, available schemas appear in the Schema window for selection. Following is my attempt to explain the root cause of the problem.

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This method is used for generating random bytes. Increasing the socket timeout on the Oracle server side can also be a solution but the side effects should be assessed from the server point of view before attempting this. Just to clarify – at least from what we found on our side! It does not display the columns of the underlying tables associated with the synonyms.


This content cannot be displayed without JavaScript. If you are using views, you can display the columns in the Source View for the Oracle Synonyms by setting the includeSynonyms property to true. Add the driver entry to the last statement in the file. If that’s the case then you need to check your configuration again. Drona 4, 22 When upgrading to a newer driver you can use a newer version of the verifier because the kracle and server negotiate the strongest possible verifier to to be used.

Add Oracle JDBC Drivers to SuperCHANNEL

With Windows Vista I could not reproduce the problem but on Ubuntu I reproduced the ‘connection reset’-Error constantly. You can also decide to downgrade your password verifier and make the newer driver use the same older password verifier that your previous driver was using. This step is optional. Once you have configured snu.

Download ojdbc JAR files with all dependencies

Left behind the remaining possible causes. Other webservers will probably also work, but are not being tested by us. This can be done by adding the following system property -Djava. I found this jxbc for the same problem with 64bit system, driver jdbc 11g and connection reset: Make sure the version of the JDBC driver matches the version of your database.


Add Oracle JDBC Drivers to SuperCHANNEL – SuperSTAR 8 Documentation

Please check the admin installation guide. I suggest to start with looking in the logs of the DB server. The syntax for linux for the randomizer is file: I opened a ticket with Oracle and this is what they told me.

This is the Java call to execute the program. The root cause of this problem has to do with user authentication versions. There are a few other places this issue is mentioned including: Though this is a good solution for the applications like the JDBC drivers, it is discouraged for applications that perform core cryptographic operations like crytographic key generation.