I used a Firewire adapter on a desktop PC. Log in or Sign up. HD24Tools , referenced above, removes those limitations. I have all the ethernet cables, crossover and straight. Sometimes the transmission just stops – everything freezes and I have shut off the HD24 and start over – but at least I get a few hours of unsupervised transmissions! It connects 3 ways and also has a 12vDC plug that fits the drive. He’s the owner of Audio Upgrades,

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Interestingly enough, I tried initializing, and the drive worked as a regular Mac drive through the FirePort.

I have run across a newer technology for multitrack recording: Twenty years ago, there really wasn’t much of a market for “plug-ins. I am beginning to think the FirePort firepotr be bad, but it has worked OK for 10 years. I just re-read your post. It connects 3 ways and also has a 12vDC plug that fits the drive.

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Neil Howard December 29, I have run continuity fireort on the cable an the crossover adapter – all pin assignments are OK. Yes, you can still buy IDE hard drives. I think Cymatic is a European Swiss?

You could even test the bare IDE drive itself separately to see if it will spin up when given power. If you have scratched the surface of recording history, you know the impact that EMI Jack McQuade January 09, Even if you don’t own an HD24, it may be worth it for your studio to have compatibility.


The manual I see on line has alfsis about not “hot plugging” the caddies. No luck there either. I have only tried entire folders.

The software said the file was the wrong type. HD24 connect says no valid HD24 drive connected.

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Jim Williams has spent much of his 56 years working with some of the biggest names in the music business, including Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin and Stevie Wonder. Many people have contacted me to ask if the Apollo was a marketing gimmick or compromised in some way.

HD24 appears as the remote site. I remember having to make this connection myself for my second drive when I bought the second IDE drive to go in the empty caddy. I can consistently get the HD24 files via FTP, albeit with some transmission failures for which I just re-do the transmission. Software updates are not downloadable-they must be mailed. Can you e-mail me as well how you do it? I am getting a red light blink only when data is being transferred, such as at initial spin-up or downloading tracks.


Did you know that your browser is out of date?

I turn the power switch ON on the Fireportthe Fireport light immediately turns green adxt the power switch is turned ON; the drive then spins up and gives a blink firelort the red light and a beep on the computer when it is sensed by the OS. If your converter has a Centronics interface, then you could plug fireprt caddy into it directly. It did work last year – very frustrating. The combination of extreme speed and the ability to carry a hard drive brick instead of the whole recorder to transfer tracks makes this a must have for me.

Neil Howard December 17, With that being said, there are some real problems that may make this unit totally broken for some people in its current state.

Jack McQuade December 29, Looks like if you have patience, it works fine.

Joanne- I sent you some information on 17Dec16, I hope that this helps.