Well, logical up to the point where the victim decided to steal their van while they were still in the house. They assigned the guy without arms to drive the getaway car. I consider them quite stupid. The Ten Tackiest Christmas Traditions. After the raid on the jewellers in Essex, the four gang members jumped in John Smith’s waiting car and took off as police gave chase. A Charlie Brown Festivus.

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Miss Gibbs was astonished to find police accusing him of robbing a betting shop at knife point, and her of being his accomplice. When he returned in a panic he ordered her to, “Go, go, go!

Menu News Lists Odd Stories. Neil Murray and his accomplices were quickly arrested and sentenced to 5 years in prison; presumably the same amount of time it would have taken Murray to drive his gang back to their safe house.

According to police in Palo Alto, CA, a bearded, grey-haired man in his sixties held up a branch of the Wachovia Bank with a handgun while in a wheelchair.

Had he actually managed to escape the wrmless, and god did he try, the camouflage would have set his car apart from every normal-colored car on the street.

Eight Awful Video Game Commercials.


Five Horrible Criminal Getaways

The robbers simply carjacked another vehicle and are still at large. We can only imagine what was going through their heads when they planned this:. Rule 1 – Make sure your getaway car is big enough to carry your stolen goods. To break into a Jewelery store using sledge hammers, with John Smith specifically employed by the gang to drive the getaway car remember this, it becomes important later. Unlike most robbery victims, Rosoria spent his ordeal laughing and hi-fiving police officers.

But instead, when she arrived at his home, he asked her to give him a lift, claiming he briefly had to visit a friend. Instead, he had landed in the long arms of the law and I was facing jail! A Charlie Brown Festivus. Getway Robin O’Lachlan on.

A mother-of-two had a “first date from hell” after she was duped into becoming the getaway driver for a thief she met on Facebook. What’s even more impressive is that he managed to escape with it.

Minton has now been jailed for four and a half years. Teenager Fregis jumped out of the van and made a run for it, but got out of breath after little more than a two minute dash. First, he tried to run across Pleasant Hill Road, and a white pickup truck was blocking his way.

Here are five examples that boggle the mind in how terribly they went….


A smuggler in Romania appeared to be taking the term quite literally with this getaway vehicle. Having completed his heist, the man trundled off down the street. Police challenged Jakab as he crossed Romania’s northern border.

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The van was later recovered with half of the money still left ar,less. Officials said the driver was not hurt. Yet another poorly thought out jewellery heist. After the raid on the jewellers in Essex, the four gang members jumped in John Smith’s waiting car and took off as police gave chase.

Five Horrible Criminal Getaways

After successfully getting away with a shitload of gems, Neil Murray decided: Get in car, gun it, Mexico, beaches, girls, sex, money, and all in that order. Random Around the World in 12 Stereotypes. She was forced to spend a night in a cell before police accepted her story and she was freed. Deputies said Hodges then stole a golf cart from a armoess community near the Lowes store.

Jones and Nightingale were arrested just two minutes after the raid.