Modes Of Operation – Offline Turn off power and on again. Table of contents Table Of Contents The feed roller and the friction rollers are also to be cleaning from time to time. With this function you can select between 7 or 8 data bit protocols. Modes Of Operation – Online The values are not stored and will be lost when turning off power.

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After a product signal has occurred the labelling cylinder valve is switched active after the delay STAD. Operators Manual ALX Factory interface deactivated, at reactivation the parameters will be set to 8 data bits, 2 stop bits and no parity bit.

By pressing the key FEED, however, single dispense of labels is 702. Changing the value for POS changes the applied label position on the product. The unlabeled product will be detected later in the line. Modes Of Operation – Online New Start Of Printer Printer Parameter Menu When the keys have different meanings, it will be explained in the relevant menu description.


Applicator connector, Alx | Avery Dennison ALX User Manual | Page /

Attach empty foil core onto mandrel on left-hand side. If the power is switched off before leaving the menu by 7720 all modifications are lost. The ALX is available in a right- or a left-hand version. The publisher cannot warrant the accuracy of the content of this manual. Allow for at least 60 seconds between disconnection and re- connection. Defining Label Data Optical Features of Temperature Setting Optimal temperature Unpacking Of The Unit On quitting this menu the current parameter settings are stored in memory.

Info printouts In this submenu status prints for tests and output the avry condition could be done. The signal can be used for interconnection with an external machine control.

After turning power on, the standard menu is active, unless the product menu was on before the machine was switched off. Rotate roller stepwise for complete cleaning.

Avery Dennison ALX 720 User Manual

Only authorised personnel may open the cover. From the minimum label width 25,4 mm to the maximum the sensor can be moved to the wanted position.


All received commands are tested for syntax and legal value range. Cleaning Of Foil Guiding Parts Operators Manual ALX The feed roller and the friction rollers are also to be cleaning from time to time.

ST72 Error at generation of print image Status messages The software ald during the labelling permanently, if the machine runs under normal operation. The operator panel for the dispenser is shown below, it has a 4 digit LED display and 4 membrane keys. Print parameter adjustments In this submenu the adjustment of the print function is possible.

The label layout is printed without the relevant bar code. In this case first control you product wlx and the dispense speed VELO. The maximum current must not exceed mA. Increase speed of printer.