Maybe in combination with an Apple router at least? When I went to 8. I now have wireless connectivity. Entries are automatically added by the persistent-net-generator. If its blacklist dont worry about it — it will always say its an alternative driver — its a fyi. Double click the driver download to extract it.

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Broadcom BCM43xx Drivers Download

It was solved when I downloaded the latest Broadcom driver. INF file though I’m sure that doesn’t matter.

Using the card now with ndiswrapper and the bcmwl5. Unfortunately, I don’t have a driver suggestion for you right now. Best of luck on future workarounds! It finally working thanks to you. This wil install the new Broadcom driver without issue.

Broadcom Wireless BCM43xx Vista/7 Driver v.

Entries are automatically added by the persistent-net-generator. I just want to confirm that you do need the b44 driver. I was up bcm43xxx running with my wireless nightmare in no time. Message 8 of 13 You awesome buddy.!!! The other option is to use version 0.


BCMxx Wireless a/b/g/n

Any help is appreciated. However, the light on my notebook which indicates wireless card was still off when I finished the guide.

You may want to copy this and see if viata term ‘blacklist bcm43xx’ is there. I got the drivers to load and was able to get some communication to the card the card was able to see the SSID broadcast, recognize whether PKA or no security was on, but never connected possibly by timing out.

I’ve gcm43xx messing with this for the past few days I will gladly use guide from first post and cheer the author up if I had internet.

I’m a bit of a beginner. I am running -or at least attempting to- a broadcom rev 03 and followed through bmc43xx step 2d as indicated. Just to play it safe, you should remove ndiswrapper also. And the network is now enabled I had to load the ndiswrapper module before ssb. If you do lsmod and dont find the bcm driver or lsmod grep bcm then the module is not loaded and there will be no conflict. But here’s hoping very sceptically that I won’t need one again Thank you very much fista your reply indeed.


Working on Aspire and others notebooks with broadcom 43xx chipsets “.

You can always discover all the modules loaded viwta a given time with the lsmod command. The spot the shows driver is blank. These are just iciing compared to the crashes I’ve been having when I forget. I am hoping someone can tell me what is wrong.

I’ve been trying to get this wireless thing working since November ! I upgraded to version 7. Can I blacklist b43, b44, and ssb? So I downloaded all the necessary files and programs from your “How To” bdm43xx and tried to manually install them, hoping that everything would go smoothly with all the terminal commands–NOT! What is the wirelessfix. The wireless network drops and hard crashes nothign like disabling while flying on a plane and loosing all your work are too much.