Small Badge Full Badge. You guys would be shocked at how good golf gear from Pinemeadow and Thomas golf is. In fact I bought a 2nd one later on sale as a backup. Standard shafts are too short for my swing. If you know anything about golf, you know that the lower the loft, the harder the club is to hit.

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Terpman, on Aug 31 I have the 3 Plus which was punemeadow mistake, but ponemeadow it goes far when I strike it right. In the end, if an effective, functional, affordable sand wedge is what you’re looking for, this is as good as anything else. Some come with special head designs or special sole grinds. I have 4 clubs from pinemeadow: I have to tell you that the golf clubs made by Pinemeadow are all rather surprisingly well made.

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And that is probably because I do not have the skill to hit the thing yet. The price, though, will tell you something about who was meant to buy it. It features the absolute largest face area of all the wedges on the market today, so your hit ratio goes through the roof.

For me it’s not that I cannot afford any golf club I want, I just find that for the money I personally got a better deal and recognition of what works and what does besy with what Pinemeadow have to offer. In fact I bought a 2nd one later on sale as a backup.


BaldTexan 63 years old. This wedge besst Pinemeadow Golf is a simple, basic, beginner-friendly one–and the price accurately reflects this. Is the ball embedded somewhere or buried in it?

PineMeadow or other Clone clubs? – Equipment – GolfWRX

Sole grind At least two other products on this list have the same feature–and they rank higher, so take that into consideration before making a decision. The following list has been compiled to help you do the latter. Posted 14 July – The club head on sand pinemwadow is usually heavier, so that you can hit sand wedge shots fat—that if the ball is buried or mired in sand, you can effectively dig it out on the swing.

Pimemeadow have nothing to offer me here. Posted July 6, High quality Pinemeadow steel gram shaft with a low to mid kick pknemeadow 52, 56, and 60 degree loft configurations Sleek design. With this wedge by Cleveland, you get precision milled grooves, which will help you pinemedaow your best shots within yards.

The 2 putters are as good as any putter that I have tried I have an Odissey 1, a Cleveland classic and TaylorMade turismo. Remember that every little bit helps.

I have real pinemeasow from 85 yards in, but have concluded I need various swings with my wedges to remedy. This will give you added stability. As to those suggesting you buy old gear from reputable manufacturers I would say you cannot be serious!! Sole grind This is a great feature that offers you more versatility on the course.


Its all-weather grip will keep the wedge from slipping in your hands and ipnemeadow your shot.

Golf Wedges

I think they are an excellent option on a budget. Right-handed only Heavier than most other wedges.

Moreover, these are for really short distances, but a truly skilled golfer can actually reach 80 to yards hitting a sand wedge. Instead, you were told the different options available to you by each manufacturer, in terms of loft degree angles.

Best Golf Wedges Reviewed & Rated for Quality and Performance

But more than that, it cares about delivering quality at an extremely affordable price. There’s a lot of us out there on that quest. These are a bit more expensive–and by a bit, Pinrmeadow mean a bit. My next journey will be finding a better driver setup and seeking out what Taylormade have to offer.