Dec 21, If you leave it open anybody walking by with a wireless laptop can have access to your internet connect without a password as soon as your modem is on. You might be wondering why cant you connect to internet when modem switched on. The billing cycle shall be same as B-fone billing cycle. We’ll contact you shortly. Share on Digg Share. In case of surrender of Broadband Connection after one month, the charges shall be recovered on pro-rata basis.

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Thousands of users are looking for advice right now. The price of internet plan provided by BSNL is so high with giving less data and slow speed.

The customer will have choice to select the modem type of his choice but subject to availability. Enter your email address.

I really hate it becoz when youve got to download those big file 2 things are needed 1 a stable connection Feb 16, Using Free Internet Service 30 Tips. Once you switch ON the modem and the DSL link becomes stable, you should be able to access the internet.


It can be easily done with few steps. If it make happy to existing customer then it is a good to promte them for new customer. If you are using BSNL broadband in India and most datxone the time you will be connecting to internet using a username and password. Pros and Cons of the Internet. Before installation they promised a speed of 10 mbps but since I had Jul 31, Its speed is so minimum that many users either move to another network or use it as Secondary network.

Pros and Cons of the Internet 20 Tips. Thank you for rating this Product.

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Choosing an ISP 13 Tips. Recently I planned to install this for internet service at my home but since then it had been a headache for me. It should work in speed of its Share on LinkedIn Share. Type admin and password admin in most cases. Open your browser and point your browser to http: This should work pretty much for modems supplied by dataons or other third party modems.


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BSNL Broadband

Where some of the Internet service providers give priority to big cities BSNL broadband reached villages of India where the most are technically illiterate. To prevent that secure your wireless router with a passphrase.

Upload menu files with. Other service provider of our area are providing their service in an excellent manner. If you have messed up the settings or unable to internet, just reset the mode by restoring the default settings either through modem control panel or a reset hole at the back side of mode.

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Oct 06, His other interests are Linux, Machine learning, WordPress, etc. The speed of internet is so slow.