To save the data in the enhanced metafile format set the extention of the file name ’emf’. The aspect ratio is preserved on the display. All-in-one package If you select more than one compiler system, or select the Custom installation, in the installation process using the all-in-one installer lGrWnbe. If you do not like using such an installer you can use a compressed file lGrWnbe. Flushes all suspended objects belonging to the active client window. To display graphics using the GrWin Library, the graphics engine grwnd.

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Redraws the active client window in the replay mode where all the object are used to replay an animation for example. Turning this mode ON, drawn graphic objects are stored in memory for later uses such as printings and many aspects of redraws.

The view port is displayed as large as possible with preserving the aspect ratio in the current view of the client window. Set up the printer.

S600 Industrial Printer Support

The version of this grwnd. The whole paper is fit onto the current view of the client window. This operation can be repeated again and again, and may be useful in such a case where mouse coordinates are captured in a certain high precision. Clicking 600-dgiver options] opens a dialog box to set starting options. Important features of grwnd. Usually, the drawing area in the LDCS the paper is larger than the current view size of the client window, and the view can be scrolled by the horizontal and the vertical scroll bar to see everywhere on the paper.


If you were not able to get the executable files, trigfn. From the menu bar of each frame window you can do closing, erasing and printing using a printer, etc.

Popup a color dialog to set the current background color associated with the active window. The GrWin installers do not create calcmop registry key, but some grwnd. To subscribe to the grwin-users spdg1. Include folder File name Contents GrWin. GrWin Graphics Library Version 0. You can, though high level routines such as for graphs with hidden lines and for contour diagrams are not implemented yet in this release, do those high level graphics by 60-driver PGPLOT with interactive drivers written using the GrWin Library.

Other files Other files available for downloade are shown in the next table. Metafiles can be readily embedded in documents without loss of quality if you are using MS-Word or one of many other applications that support metafiles. It is strongly recommended that you use one of the installer versions of packages other than the all-in-one type unless you use more than one compiler system on a computer to make GrWin applications.


Usually the landscape mode is selected from here. Fits the frame size to calco,p current view of the client window with the size of the view unchanged. The aspect ratio is preserved on the display. To make all executables to the source files in those directories using a compiler based on GNU, i.

GrWin Graphics Library

Except the executables for PGPLOT demos, the uncompressed files and the files obtained by expanding each of the compressed files in the following table are the same as those installed calvomp suitable folders executing an installer package in the above list.


If different versions of files libGrWin. Typical command lines are as follows: Popup a font dialog to set attributes of the current symbol font associated with the active window.

If you use bash as a shell input the following commands, which are necessary for every startups of bash and they can be in a startup file. Installer packages for the GrWin graphics library To download a package file click an item in the first column of the table of the installer packages for GrWin below corresponding to your using compiler system referring the last column of the same table.

File name Compiler system pggwb-MinGW.

Redraws the active client window. When the Yes button is clicked the application is aborted, or continue the job when No button clicked.

In the Bitmap mode with the Buffering being ON and DefaultDPI option not set, the assumed bitmap size depends on your current working printer, and a huge bitmap internally to be created may cause your computer being unstable. In contrast to [Replay], minimum objects are used to refresh a rectangle on the display surface using backgrownds and the buffer, if any.