If in doubt, consult your system administrator. Right of modification reserved. OR To clear all keys, click the Clear Keys button. The default key assignment is set when you click the Default button. Remember me on this computer. You can do this as follows: TeleTools is ideal for telephony enabling existing applications at the desktop, PBX, or server level.

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This means that you can make a call without needing to operate the telephone manually. We do not accept any liability for the correctness of this information. TAPI is a standard defined by Microsoft that enables non-manufacturer-dependent telephone applications to be used on manufacturer-specific hardware.

Ericsson, Nortel, Bosch Telecom. The following information is based on in-house tests, manufacturer’s information or specialized press.

etSiemens Sample Program

Set the following features on the communication platform: DLL or later provides its services to the telephone application and uses messages to report the actions and events that have been completed. When configuring a call pickup group, you must observe the project planning rules 7 of the communication platform; otherwise there could be functional problems when operating CallBridge.


CallBridge Collection cannot be used in the master-slave configuration. Ask your system administrator to set the parameters for each station on the communication platform in accordance with the examples given below. If in doubt, consult your system administrator. Ask your system administrator for this password. The Programmer’s Guide may be downloaded free of charge from the Internet at www.

CallBridge Collection converts these into the appropriate protocol elements for the relevant Siemens communication platform.

Download our new sample program today! Click here to sign up. If no telephone is found, the following dialog will appear: Nearly all telephone system manufacturers offers a V. Double-click the new setup. They can, however, be used by the TAPI application. Help Center Find new research papers in: Directly connected telephones are then directly TAPI-enabled.

For this, you need a CAPI 2.

HiPath CallBridge Collection V Installation Manual | carlos martinez –

Select the TSP and callbricge communication platform and click Next. Select the option Search for the best driver for your device Recommended and confirm with Next.


Select CallBridge, and click Remove. If the computer and the telephone are connected via the USB cable, the Hardware wizard will start automatically. Developers can invest confidently in the longevity and successful track record of the ExceleTel TeleTools suite of products.

Right of modification reserved. You will find the exact name on the underside of the telephone. We recom- mend a password length of at least 6 characters. These key functions are a requirement for operating CallBridge see also Section callbtidge.

Unpack the ZIP files to a directory on the computer for example C: Double-click on the file setup.

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