Filled-in circles indicate full memory spaces, empty ones indicate space available. You can protect individual images on the CompactFlash card through the Playback menu in Playback mode, preventing accidental deletion of images. Digital photography begins its next chapter with radical changes Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. As we noted earlier, this can be helpful in manually focusing on macro subjects, or in studio settings where you have to interact with the subject from in front of the camera. Right in front of that on the front of the camera actually, see the first photo on this page is the zoom control.

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To capture moving action, the movie recording mode records up to 10 second movies in x pixel AVI format. The USB port is fast and allows you to download your images to the computer without the need or expense of a card reader. AA standard form factor.

Even before the Nikon Coolpix and there was the Agfa ePhoto and cameras which qf-8000sx lacked an optical viewfinder. The QVSX has a 6 to 48mm, 8x zoom lens equivalent to a 40 to mm lens on a 35mm camera.

Casio QV-8000SX (1999)

Monochrome and Sepia Recording Monochrome and sepia expand your creative options by letting you record images in black and white or sepia tones. What you see on casil LCD is actually the mirror image of what is saved, though. I suppose that some clever work in aperture priority mode qv-8000x fix this problem a bit. The images were cleaner than those from most other cameras when trying for a 4 second exposure, let alone a 48 second one!


This is the Simple mode.

Pressing the Menu button in this mode pulls up the same Record and Details menus. Menu Button Located on top of the camera, this button accesses the menu system for whatever camera mode is currently selected. There was no stitched photo or QuicktimeVR file. But I’ve cxsio enough cameras to know when something is just wrong. There are a number of samples in the gallery for you to see.

Explore the images on the pictures pageto see how well the QVSX performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may caeio considering buying. All you’d see would be colored snow! This close approach and the large diameter of the lens make it tricky getting light into the subject, but the minimum capture area is a very tiny 0. As you shoot, the camera continuously processes the images you’ve already captured in the background, saving them to caio memory card.

Manual focus covers 3. There were two features we’d really have liked to see on the QV Red-Eye Reduction mode emits a small pre-flash before firing the full flash to help prevent the occurrence of the Red-Eye Effect.

The only limitation we found with this incredible macro capability is that the width of the lens itself can make it difficult to get adequate light into the subject: Casio also notes that with slower shutter speeds, the chance of cssio static or noise increases.


This Lego model is the only Leica camera most of us can afford Classic camera collectors can now build their own Leica models using Casi kits. I’m under a tent, and the sunlight is coming in from outside. qv-8000sx

Casio QVSX – digital camera Overview – CNET

Many digicams produce a double flash in normal exposure mode, the first dasio being used for white balance and metering, and the second making the actual exposure.

We’d loved to have seen an option for external flash on the QV, given the extraordinary flexibility it offers otherwise. Finally, the bottom of the camera holds the plastic tripod mount, locking battery compartment and CompactFlash slot.

The QVSX’s lens actually turns a full degrees, meaning you can point the lens back at yourself! The QVSX goes the extra mile though: Consider the situation where you want to capture a distant object, and want to fill the frame with it. The Quick Shutter and Continuous Recording options enable you caslo catch fast paced action shots. Although, as noted earlier, it’s important to remember that “protected” images will still be erased when you reformat the memory card.

Normal Record Mode Accessed by turning the mode dial to the green rectangular symbol, this option selects the QV’s default operating mode.