I know there are better computers but I don’t care. Rather than buying the same mouse that is Vista compatible, I’m hoping to find the Vista drivers and Program for the mouse to configure the other buttons on the mouse. If you’re on budget, don’t get your hopes up for a mechanical keyboard it isn’t really worth it unless you dedicate your life to gaming IMO. I had much finer control over where my extraction cursor went and I found the process to be even more efficient than it already was with the old DeathAdder. Notable pros of this mouse include wide dpi range with quick switching and programable buttons. Posted by lostsoul on Aug 29, I’m not a monitor freak like some, so I can’t recommend anything.

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Don’t go too expensive, because really the secret to good peripherals is just getting something you like. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid, affordable, gaming mouse. The change was immediately noticeable.

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moude Logitech MX Revolution wireless mouse. The triple fire button is a bit slower than i expected, but it still works fine. Anybody have other recommendations for cheap mice? I use this black beast, very good mouse. Helpful 0 Not Helpful Mosue Flag. In terms of keyboard if I find something I like I’d pay 40, but quite honestly even the epxensive keyboards I’ve tried f eel real cheap: Just buy it, you will be impressed.


And rate my keyboards. You need a better graphics card from the looks of it a GT is what Crytek is putting in in their customized rig.

I like the Habu, but I do not like that Razer and Faming cannot decide who makes drivers etc. P Wait a couple of years. Along with that, apart from the motherboard, processor, one of the sticks of RAM and the graphics card, there’s very little in the computer that originally belonged to it.

Funny how it has the exact features and buttons as the mx Immortal thing is really taming. Afreeca Starleague Season 7: Excellent rig TC, great for Warhead I think. Needed a mouse got these ones inwow very impressive works great on all my games colors are cool and the rapid fire is amazing if i can remember to use it why pay for a name brand when a house brand does the same thing.

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Get a solid mouse and keyboard, rather than a really good keyboard and a terrible mouse. Quad-core isn’t really used much by games nowadays.


My PC exists to visit the mouss and type homework assignments. Never heard of your Uberoption. Erm, no idea what you’re saying. This mouse is amazing.

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Even with the G5 I have to kick it to highest resolution and I also brought xentrios mouse sensitivity way down in the Arma settings. Intel Core 2 Duo E – 2.

Bought this mouse today. Hi, Hope you can help me. After a bad experience with a pre-built pc, I used the refund and some extra to build my own. I am surprised not more people use it I guess for me, I have a Microsoft flat keyboard and a Centrios X7 mouse. I should have bought 2 of them The Source Ratings and Reviews. National Electronic Sports Open I’d never buy any other mice except these 3.