Flip through an inexpensive book from a home improvement superstore for several ways to approach it. A Nest thermostat is, at first, fantastic. The result is a qualitative difference that is immediately apparent. Or, so I thought. Fix an uneven subfloor? With a modern open floor plan, you may want the family room illuminated at the same time.

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In the coming weeks, the Triad dealer portal will also include technical training information and additional marketing resources. But with the usual smart devices that the typical DIY enthusiast installs, the setup requires a couple minutes of juggling between different apps to get everything set just right for relaxing.

Ted brings over 25 years of experience from the enterprise and consumer technology fields and the work from his team has led to multiple industry awards for first-class online and in-classroom training programs. It requires vast amounts of domain-specific knowledge, from how to get the best 3D sound for an Atmos theater to determining the best wireless sensors for detecting if a window has been accessed or a door has been left ajar.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Asking them to show you a project site or give you an idea of what you can do in your own home costs you nothing. Seems similar to whats out there already but at somewhat of a discount. Most DIY enthusiasts will tell you that a vitally important part of home improvement is doing it right the first time. I’m familiar with Ted and Eguage but recently ran across Curb.


I call an electrician only when a job gets into really high voltage and amperage. I have been looking for a good solution also over the past year or so but the thing that annoys me about all the ones i have found are they are reliant on the manufacturers servers, what if they go out of business, then your energy monitoring is down also.

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Yes, a wired network will cost more, for the equipment, labor to properly run cables, and the effort to design for performance.

Already have an account? The result is a qualitative difference that is immediately apparent. With a modern open floor plan, you may want the family room illuminated at the same time.

But I still saw my home as the switch and dimmer circuits it came with: Or simply fill out the form below to receive more information on Control4 home automation.

The DIY Delusion of Home Automation

Controp4 understand that technology is simply the means to automate a home. The acquisition of Triad is a strategic addition to the Control4 entertainment portfolio, which includes the fully programmable Control4 EA-series controllers with native high-resolution streaming music services, its family of multi-room audio matrix switches and amplifiers, and its family of ultra-HD 4K video matrix switches with audio down-mixing capabilities.

Cnotrol4 a Control4 Certified Showroom to sample incredible smart-home solutions. Very interested in finally adding some sort of energy monitoring to my home, bills have been insane as of late and I have no clue whats using so much energy.


By submitting your information, you are confirming that you are 18 years of age or older. The result is an experience that is disjointed for the owners and inaccessible to visitors.

Control4 Acquires Triad Speakers ‹ Magazine TED

And for most DIY projects, we can make up for inexperience through a wealth of online resources that demonstrate how to get the job done. Acquisition brings Control4 industry-leading acoustics expertise and a full line of premium audio-speaker solutions.

But before you dive into your own do-it-yourself debacle, allow me comtrol4 share a few of my hard-earned discoveries from my own attempt. Submit We take your privacy seriously and we promise we red spam you; please see our privacy policy for details. Register a new account. The DIY hobbyist typically ends up with an array of light switch buttons, entertainment system controls, and other interfaces that confound anyone but him or herself.

A professional installer knows that the only devices that should use wireless are wireless-only devices. Sign up for a new cntrol4 in our community. They apply their technical acumen, experience, and education to create a smart home that actually feels smart and leaves the homeowner with a system so simple and sensible that anyone can use it.

Sure, it makes sense to the engineers who designed it. This was certainly the case for me.