Barthelemy, President of iRez. That’s what is reccomended, anyway. After careful consideration, I have to give that award to myself for getting staff members from both Mac Observer and Low End Mac deeply lost in Brooklyn at midnight. So what, dime a dozen goodies. Mac Geek Gab Podcast:

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We would guess that there are 40 or so Base Stations hovering around the show floor. Tue Aug 28, 2: Tue Aug 28, 1: But no sound input in OS X – No.

Video conferencing on the Mac.

We are geeks getting paid to be at the show, and you are paying irdz get in. X but worked fine under Empty Sometimes populated with 3dfx Voodoo 5 Slot 6: Rave Ars Praefectus Tribus: Power Computing PowerTower Pro For videoconferencing, the easiest thing is to generally put the computer doing the conferencing in osd DMZ. Gabb, I don’t have QE enabled right now because I’ve been doing a lot of video capture lately.

I was hoping other folks had working machines and could post there setups here too Mar 29, Odx Sure, other booths are giving away MO disks, and CDs with sample software, and even shirts.


Some clever vendors password protected them, while other generous vendors did not. Wed Aug 29, 9: That’s what is reccomended, anyway.

Jaws dropped when seeing the price for a turkey and bacon sandwich, but dropped further when the waiter actually brought the food.

MACWORLD Expo – A Twisted Look At The Best And Worst Of The Expo || The Mac Observer

Beosiman Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: But, the story does have a happy ending; We made it back safely and were sufficiently tired to get a really great nights sleep. Best pizza was, crktter course, Rays.

ATI Crittter Mac Edition This machine has been the beez neez giving me no trouble whatsoever during its many hacks and attacks in my service. Use this link to view the article on our current site: We may add some more later, but it is important to realize that there is more going on than just the introduction critteg some new products. And for that we thank you. Home Top Change Preferences. The Roxy Deli is the place to be for a really sublime lunch experience.


May 30, Posts: Irezz for the poor attempt at positive spin. Other than getting a Critter which almost kept them off this listthey had about 4 people per square foot crammed into their booth. Marcush, Do u have ur quartz extreme on and what is ur sys bus speed now?

iREZ video and Mac OS X

Pioneer DVR – master – firmware v. Because of the high bandwidth possible by utilizing a FireWire interface, the Irex can deliver full-motion, 30 frames-per-second video to the desktop at resolutions up to x I will try ur arrangement and see isf that works. Tue Aug 28, 5: Standing roughly 8″ across, oex probably 10″ high, the sandwich lasted for about three meals. If you ever get an invite to a party from Canon, go.