Here you can see the additional DataCore disk type. Yesterday I saw a strange situation on one of our customers systems. Multipathing and ALUA must be enabled. Do we need to “scan” the MPIO pathes before rebooting the other san box? The GB disk is displayed 4 times here. Path information is presented per DataCore Server. Also some potentially useful logging information regarding connections between the DataCore Server and the Storage Array is lost i.

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DataCore MPIO manages multiple mmpio to virtual disks, differentiates between preferred and non-preferred paths, and provides intelligent failover and failback over those paths. To view a summary of basic information and health status for all virtual disks:.

But you should be clear about the limitations when it somes to support! At least with iSCSI we’ve always been getting fixed path instead of round robin whatever option we’ve configured.

Path management is automatic and controlled in SANsymphony software via host settings. Monitors paths from the server dahacore. There are three main components in the console tree: Goto disk management, right-click one of the two DataCore disks and choose “Properties”.


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Let’s switch to the disk properties. Not an IT pro? In the right pane is the complete path information for that virtual disk.

Getting Started with DataCore MPIO

Please review all topics in the Help for a complete understanding of the software. Open the console from the desktop shortcut or the Start menu. I’ll try to clarify – what you’re trying to do is highly target side dependent so our configs are not going to do any good to you.

The volumes are ready to use. Monitors paths from the initiator port perspective. Unfortunately I think you’re on the wrong lane Tuesday, March 13, In the console tree, click Host Ports. Monday, March 12, 8: I think, there is maybe something not optimal configured with MPIO. Frontend FE ports act only in target-only mode.

With the availability of WIK 3.


The Path ID is provided by the operating system. There are two solutions for this problem:. Running in a cluster.

Today we have rebooted dahacore first SAN storage box, no problem. Maybe the Windows server does not query the first broken link to the storage again and so will not use it? Wednesday, March 7, After upgrading all hosts the cluster was working fine. Do we need to “scan” the MPIO pathes before rebooting the other san box?

DataCore MPIO (WIK) won’t take care about all vDisks presented

Round Robin or fixed path? Path information is presented per virtual disk. IT is a short living business.

Path information is presented per initiator port.