I decided to make a clean start when I took over the notebook and got to test out the PC restore software in the process. Visit our network of sites: As you can see, we have come a long ways from the 90 MHz Pentium! The exterior design, although not beautiful, could definitely be much worse. The reasons for the restores were software-related and had nothing to do with the system supplied by Dell or any defects therein. This is a budget notebook and as such is constructed in a manner to keep costs down.

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I find it incredible that you can get a wide screen laptop for such a low price. The touchpad which replaces a mouse is a joy to use, in my experience, and it is interesting how I reach for it at work, where I have a conventional keyboard and mouse!

What else have I done with my chance acquisition — well I did try out both Linksys and D-Link USB adaptors and both worked well but the software with the D-Link turned out to be a bit quirky.

Dell Inspiron B view large image Specifications of the model reviewed here: The supplied Sonic CD writing software works well, but shows the backup function as a teaser that you get only if you upgrade to the rather pricey full edition.

There was no OS installation CD included, instead there is a 3 GB hidden partition on the hard drive that holds the de,l files. So far so good, I suppose!

It may be possible to get better video performance by adding additional RAM. The Dell B ends up being a fine notebook for general usage and as an extension of a desktop computer.


Keyboard view of B view large image. Inspiron B closed view view large image. A nice thing is that only the area around the CPU, which is in the back left, gets warm and not the entire underside. With MB on-board, the computer works quite fast and the hard drive gets a lot of rest, as delo the battery since hard drives b102 power hogs!

This may seem like a waste of 3 GB space to some, on an already smallish harddisk, until you stand in my shoes and have had to restore the system a few times read the review!

Dell Inspiron B Review

Left side view of Inspiron B view large image Wireless: I use Xchat daily with the linuxmint people in the chat rooms and clicking on links with Firefox is flawless. With any modern computer, heat is always a problem.

If only the audio they pumped out was good. Left side view of Dell B view larger image Front side view view larger image Close up of light indicators view larger image Right side view of Inspiron B view larger image Back side view of B view larger image Sell having an ExpressCard slot is somewhat of a downer. Battery The battery is a 4-cell unit and lasts a bit under 2 hours.

Dell Inspiron B130 and B120 Review (pics, specs)

Access times were a tad slower than the msec access generally claimed for harddrives. This laptop was purchased through Dell. Windows XP Home came preinstalled with my B I received an email update when the notebook shipped and you can track the status of your notebook online via Dell.


I placed the order on November 18, and was given an estimated ship date of December 13, Finding one would have been nice, as I did need to move to the next step in terms of mobility and slightly better performance from the MHz desktop I was using! It does take a bit of getting used to, as is true for any notebook.

With a RAM upgrade this should be a great student or work laptop that can master all Microsoft Office applications with ease and also perform certain multimedia tasks. The look of the Inspiron B is a mix of silver and black. B20, my needs are very simple: Well it is actually quite nice.

The keys have a nice click when pressed, but are not loud.

Dell Inspiron B120 14.1in. Notebook/Laptop – Customized

Build and Construction I suppose if your needs are modest, like mine, and games and video performance xell not a big issue, then the Inspiron B will serve you well for quite some time. Inspiron B Everest Hardware Report. I returned the Maxtor One Touch II external because there were problems with its touted restore operations and software reinstallations hence the 3rd PC dsll on my B — that story, some other time … sigh!

The Keyboard Well it is actually quite nice. This is somewhat different from what is recommended when using a conventional desktop keyboard.