The list of DAS units used for comparison purposes is provided below. Upon connecting to a system, both products mount a CDFS read-only volume automatically. The storage workload involves games as well as multimedia editing applications. Only the latter has FIPS certification. Evaluation of DAS units on Windows is done with the testbed outlined in the table below. If your password is difficult to remember, it is recommended that you write the password down and store in a safe place.

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How to setup CryptArchiver Win I seucre my password—how do I access my data? Plugging in a new drive and starting the unlocker program takes the user through a compulsory password setup process. Results might appear low, but that is part of the workload characteristic.

For the use-cases targeted by the DTVP30 and the diskGO, it is preferable to avoid relying on the OS driver behavior as users might not have administrator privileges to load them also.

How do I access my encrypted data? The DTVP30 also comes with a small lanyard. This will erase all stored data on the DiskGO Secure Hard Drive and the original Setup Disc will be needed to use the device again to establish a new password. To disconnect, simply unplug the flash drive when it is not active when the activity light is not blinking.


It decure not possible to store unencrypted files to this device. Note that the bandwidth number reported in the results don’t involve idle time compression.

How do I start using CryptArchiver? It is important to keep you password in a safe place for reference in case it is forgotten. The first three sets of writes and reads correspond to the photos suite. I entered my password wrong eight times and my drive erased. Why does this happen? Click on Load Driveselect the file you wish to load from the dropdown menu, and input your password. It is dskgo that your password is remembered. These numbers are backed up by the ATTO benchmarks provided below.

If you remove your disjgo drive while an encrypted drive is loaded, you are running the risk of your data within that drive becoming corrupt.

diskGO® Secure Pro and diskGO® Secure Pro USB Flash Drive

In general, the DTVP30 manages to have a healthy lead over the diskGO, but, the margin is usually narrow for write workloads. They are valued by SMBs sceure enterprises due to the strong focus on data security.

I don’t need much storage – so my drive is cheaper than this one. What is the proper procedure for exiting the CryptArchiver software? Aspects that may influence this include thermal throttling and firmware caps on access rates to avoid overheating or other similar scenarios.


We recommend automatic drives for encrypting small amounts of data such as WORD or EXCEL filesand fixed drives for encrypting large amounts of data such as videos or other media.

A little bit of digging into the nature of the secure thumb drives market reveal that businesses and agencies looking into such products come with a host of requirements such as TAA compliance i. When this file is loaded through the application, the drive shows as a removable drive in Computer just like a flash drive. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy and EDGE diskGO Secure Pro Secure USB Thumb Drives Review

Instead of disassembling the thumb drive to get the internal details, we took a look at the ChipGenius report for the two drives reproduced below. What if I forget my password in CryptArchiver? Fixed droves take longer to create, but are faster at viskgo data.

After resetting the flash drive, you must go through the setup procedure to begin using the DiskGO Secure Flash Drive again.

Avoiding it helps the diskGO target a lower price point. The DTVP30 has a peak power consumption of 2.