Once there you are ready to start to make this all come together, In the terminal enter the following: What you need is the printer’s CUPS system driver, which is available as source code [1]. If someone wants to pitch in and redo this including how to do it from the command line, please do. So just be careful, if you’re not near this thing and you print a test page the default way like say a network print server , I can picture a floor full of wasted labels. LabelWriter Bus Device Producing stickers and QR codes on a label printer with Perl Labels bring order to the mess of wires hiding behind the Perlmeister’s home routers and organize the treasures hoarded in a multitude of boxes.

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Join Date Oct Beans If everything works fine, your printer should now print a label containing the dummy text.

All exhibit this behavior. Join Date Mar Beans 2. The portable Brother label printer wastes expensive raw material for labels. The script expects a string at the command line, for example. The -d parameter specifies the name of device to choose for printing and should match the one you chose while installing the printer.

Please execute the command shown below and check, if the result looks similar. What I have done is gone into OO-Writer and created some templates with the page size set to the label size.


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I am going to describe how to do most of this from the GUI, there will be a little bit of command line stuff done. The scanning tool looks for the QR code in the photo, ….

The process for handling non-standard characters, dymmo umlauts, is something special. The final argument the lpr command expects is the name of the PDF file with the text prihter be printed. April 29th, Last Jump to page: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The stringc method called in line 28 prints the string passed in as its fifth argument in the middle of the PDF document.

This file is then sent to the printer linus processing it by submitting the lp command see manpage.

[all variants] DYMO label writer How-To

Magick module as an easy option for converting image formats. April 28th, 9. I had got the sticky label half of my Dymo LaberWriter Duo to work, but was not satisfied with prnter right margins, and in any case the tape half of the printer was not working at all.


The next thing to do is go to where you downloaded tarball from DYMO and double click it to printe it. For decades, I have organized my network cables with permanent labels Figure 1 printed on a portable device by Brother.

That said, however, the more expensive printer model called LabelWriter Duo, seems to have more options.

Package: printer-driver-dymo (1.4.0-8)

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I use “large address” labels, attempting to print always spans the output over several labels 3 or 4. Once we know the printer address here it is usb: Sign up using Facebook. I tried with wine but still doesn’t work. First of all, you should check, if the printer was recognized properly.

Dym Printers in the system settings, you should see a dialog like that in Figure 4 with a Printer Options submenu, in which you can configure the dimensions of the labels you are using. Both of them set themselves to using the following address: This topic is been discussed as bug https: If you like to use the default printer, you can omit this parameter.

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