Error codes make it possible to be alerted about the level of use or the start of anomalies. Economizer or Trip Computer: To clarify the situation:. This type of output is gradually disappearing from modern PCs. Fill in the car details with configuration screen and click send button in “General information” section. In the event of a connection problem, consult the software help file. Elm Electronics have just released version 2.

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Nous souhaiterions avoir les informations suivantes: Description of LED indicators: Following requests from users asking where they can buy an OBD2 interface compatible with the ELM interface, we decided to develop our own OBD2 car diagnostic scanner: To clarify the situation: The electronic chip is not in itself able to communication with rlm327 computer; it needs to adapt the electrical levels before sending data streams.

This document can be found at the following address: The difference lies mainly in the components connected to pins 17 and 18 of U1 ELM integrated circuit. ELM Electronics has created a very good and practical application note with the ptobleme levels and a test procedure.


Instructions for the ELM interfaces 1.

Indicates that the interface is powered on. Diagnose your own vehicle from your phone for Free.

ELM327 car diagnostics interfaces

Go to the OBD2 car scanner. Other types of interfaces Only ELM interfaces are supported by our software, but other companies have developed interfaces with functions similar to the ELM circuit. Read more at site site http: The code is Display anomalies and wear alerts for certain components. Presentation of Prrobleme interfaces There are several types of rpobleme.

Operating principle problwme the ELM interface The electronic unit contains 3 main sub-assemblies to operate the interface: Your connected car inCarDoc – Best doctor for your car: Please contact us by mail to report troubles with adapters, would be nice to have the following info: This indicator must be fully lit for the interface to be correctly powered. This makes it a tool compatible with a large number of vehicles.

ELM car diagnostics interfaces Leave a review. As we mentioned above, the software version displayed is not always reliable.


Car diagnostic interfaces ELM OBD2 – Outils OBD Facile

The most common use a chip made by ELM Electronics. Error codes displayed are standard. WiFi interfaces use an RS modem. Voltage adaptors for the PC: Connect the interface to your vehicle’s OBD connector.

Connect the interface to your computer’s USB port.

You need to define the wireless settings on your computer more details in the software help file. You must install the USB driver for the interface available in the download section of the site to connect the interface to your computer.

Attention! “Bad” Bluetooth & WiFi adapters with low quality clones of ELM327.

Those 4 interfaces will send back the same result during your car diagnostic. Another thing which may be confusing is the “firmware” version. We do not need to go into the details as to why these non-official versions exist.