I’ve done some thorough research and am clear on what Instruments can be grouped under user-defined groups for later access. VCA – 6-stage envelope including envelope preset templates. Ensoniq ESQ-1 models – are parts generally interchangeable? I have a ‘plastic’ model. You are able to auditon these directly. All in real-time, via MIDI.

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The VFX has a standard note keyboard with velocity and polyphonic aftertouch. Accessories and Parts from Syntaur. The disadvantage is that you can’t audition your changes find out what a certain change will sound like immediately, since the info isn’t in the samplers memory.

Then there’s its built-in sequencer. There are 40 preset sounds which are the usual not-so-great sounds.

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The screw was missing. In fact, for a digital synth the ESQ-1 has many good old analog-synth features such as a ring mldi, sequencer, and oscillator-sync.

Sequencer – 8 tracks with separate instrument, volume, and MIDI channel. Polyphony – 8 voices dynamic voice allocation. I’ve done some thorough research and am clear miri what The EPS is just that with clever new features that make it not just a professional studio music production tool, but also a powerful live performance instrument. Filter – Independent dynamic digital filter per wavesample, multi-mode digital low pass or variable-width band-pass with many slopes.


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I have a SyQuest SyJet 1. Instruments can be grouped under user-defined groups for later access.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 models – are parts generally interchangeable? I’m going to swap out my cart reader with one from ebay. Over patches, 3. I have a ‘plastic’ model.

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It then goes even goes further, by batch certain functions together to make more efficient operation. Oscillators – 1 to 6 per voice. What really sets the ESQ-1 apart from other similar synths is the voice architecture.

Oscillators – 3 digital oscillators per voice, 32 waveforms. Another method is to use your favorite computer editor Sound Forge, etc. Roland comes close by providing a direct monitor output on their keyboards, and programming software that shows exactly what is loaded into the machine. Keyboard – 61 keys velocity and polyphonic aftertouch. Manual Download the original owner’s manual from SoundProgramming.

Choose from analog, digital, or samples or any combo since there are three independent oscillators per voice!


Control – MIDI 8-parts. Rename Instruments, whether they are files or objects within a file. Merge Instruments using the Object Merger.

Use the Bank Builder to make your own custom Banks. Envelopes – 3 stage envelopes. There are plenty of right-click menus ebsoniq drag-drop abilities for the most viable power user. Upon further inspection, I found that This is a professional quality sequencer with 25, note capacity expandable to 75, and it holds up to 60 sequences and songs.