This write-up and downloadable, pre-customized installation image saved me a lot of trouble getting ESXi 5. Not as nice as being able to monitor via ESX. Its running a Foxxcom mobo so not sure if thats more of a problem. Then I run the customizer but at the end I get a fatal error saying that the file is corrupt! I have a OSX Just create two virtual disks of identical size in each datastore, and connect them to the guest OS.

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This is still not a guarantee everything will be working. Our other Mac mini has had ESXi upgraded to 6.

Repartitioning will wipe everything on the drive. Although Promise do not support their Thunderbolt boxes in ESXi, I have established that the unit is correctly detected and performs incredibly well using their SuperTrak EX series driver version 4.

ESXi hardware help

Select Configure Management Network. Solution 5 – LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt drives. With that howtos you should be able to install ESXi without problems: This write-up and downloadable, pre-customized installation image saved me a lot of trouble getting ESXi 5.


A bit of a late of a reply, but that is actually what I did! ESXi-Customizer went to work and prompted me about replacing the ethernet driver. You are firewwire using your Twitter account.

Greg March 24, at This can be achieved by twisting the bottom cover anti-clockwise. I selected the drive I wanted and hit the Enter key. Any suggestions are welcome! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This one has the lvmdriver issue which esi believe is the network port.

I’m running ESX4i on unsupported hardware without any issues. I was able to firdwire that by slipstreaming the driver into the ESXi installer.

Great notes and great site! This sounds like a really interesting, although potentially complex setup!

Thunderbolt Storage for ESXi

Sep 11, 1. In my case, I set a fully qualified DNS name. I wanted to share these stories with the community for those that ffirewire be interested in this topic and hopefully others who have had similar success can also share more details about their setup.

Set the static IP, subnet mask and gateway address. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts firewure email. This means that whatever storage device is connected on the other end can work with ESXi as long as there is a driver in ESXi that can communicate with that devices.


Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapte r. I see that Rhinofart Jun 6, 1: I have a Mac Mini Server, which is fortunate because setting up ESXi on that Mini model firrwire been well-documented in a number of places.

VMware Homeserver – ESXi on Mac mini |

The Server version has two 2,5″ hard drives:. You probably want to jump to the 12Big with iSCSI instead to avoid direct-attach issues at this point.

My office is in another room. The advantage of this scenario is that client and server testing all happen on the ESXi host. I have some experience with ESXi 5. After trying to fix it a few ways, the ultimate fix was to get the Airport Express out of the loop.