Both parameters i can read normally. I give the device a setpoint and start the autotune and the PV increases far beyond the SP, just limited by the power of the voltage supply. Can you change the device to use the local setpoint instead the Remote setpoint? Oh, and I am trying to control the temperature of a sample in UHV. Use it as a guide to compare your settings. I might have some notes if I can find the notepad I was using at the time. View builder allows creation of customized screens to provide a simple visualization of your process.

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Thanks again for your help on this Jim. I will explain details if I get a response. Make a note of the iTools Modbus address of the Setpoint parameter. I have the same one.

Hi Jakob, During Autotune the PV will go few degrees above the setpoint as part of the tuning process. Thank you very much.

Close Labview and iTools then re-start iTools and scan again.

Martin, Did you find resolution to your problem? OOPS, forgot to say something on how I have it wired. The error means the vi did not receive any response from the device, hence no Serial VISA session initialized. Eurotherm iTools is a versatile suite of software tools to allow configuration and monitoring of Eurotherm nanodac, and Series, and Mini8 controllers.


For some reason, we labvew detect the device on our computer and your Labview driver is not talking to the device. I am now able to read the temperature using the. Hi Dimitri I have now eurothrrm the clonefile Regards Jakob. Like I said earlier, it works in iTools so I’m confident it’s wired properly.

LabVIEW Drivers

I know that by using OPC server i can communicate with Eurotherm from labview. Any thoughts of what I’m doing wrong?

Helloall, I want to build a temperature control system using Eurotherm and Labview I think the crux of my problem was wiring. Create a new topic About this Question Join us on Facebook.

The latest release of firmware for the nanodac features batch records. Regards Dimitris How does this make you feel?

Eurotherm et24xx Controller

Aaron, this was a long time ago and haven’t used labview since. You can save a clone file using iTools. Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered.

Thank eurottherm for your patience. Thank you for your patience How does this make you feel? Another point to remember is that if you labvew using Serial communications then you cannot use iTools and Labview at the same time as the first application that connects to the will lock the COM port.


Thank you so much for your help, it has been excellent and much appreciated! This will open a template configuration. Do I need to change some settings to do the autotune properly? View Builder View builder allows creation of customized screens to labvirw a simple visualization of your process.

Hi Dimitri By restarting the computer and opening iTools alone I managed to get contact to the device so that is great, thanks a lot! Dear All, I would like to know if 9.

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