That would be the best order for you. Search for items and drag them onto this window. After you finish the yarzons, continue north following the right wall. J After you finish the yarzons, continue north following the right wall. Alliance Raids Duty Roulette: No filters for Titles just yet, sorry! The next five slides will be each individual zone.

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FFXIV: Lancer Tier 3 Hunter’s Log Guide | Slide 5 | Final Fantasy XIV

From Vesper Bay follow the path north until you run into the yarzons. There are only a total of three possible Pilfdriver Piledriver spawns in this area so if you don’t see them wait a few minutes. Alliance Raids Duty Roulette: When you teleport in to Horizon go to Vesper Bay as if you were going to do story quests straight west.

There is a little mini cave to the east of the main cave with a few different Moondrip mobs. You can’t miss them unless they are all dead. Both monsters you need to kill in this area are north of the Vesper Bay area. Just pick off the Lookouts and move on. No Items data for Moondrip Piledriver kupo!


Once you use the ferry you are literally right on top of the Stoneshells.

No filters for Weather just yet, sorry! Level 70 Dungeons Duty Roulette: No filters for Statuses just yet, sorry! Going back west from the poacher camp you’ll want to turn north near the goblin camp. No filters for Places just yet, sorry!

FFXIV: Lancer Tier 3 Hunter’s Log Guide | Final Fantasy XIV

Tranquil Paths Chocobo Race: I have marked both ends of the river that the Smallmouth Orobon spawn in. Reset Open in Shopping Cart.

The search input and filters work together: Lancer Tier 3 Hunter’s Log Guide. I will lead you to the more efficient point at the northeast corner of the map. Scroll for Single Page View. Midland Condors are level 30 so be careful when approaching them. The easiest way to get to them is to teleport to Camp Bronze Lake, and take the ferry in the southwest ff4.


Moondrip Piledriver

For the cover page I will supply the entire tier 3 monster list. Costa Del Sol Chocobo Race: Lancer Tier 3 Hunter’s Log Guide.

No screenshots, be the first kupo! Close An account is required to submit feedback, please login or register: The shopping cart will be dropped in XIVDB v3, for more information, click here for more information.

FFXIV: Lancer Tier 3 Hunter’s Log Guide

All of the monsters are spread out through five zones. Suggested age This game is appropriate for anyone age 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 and up. Disable to allow partials. There are two spawn points for stags. I will put them in the order most convenient for a higher level Lancer.