Resources Latest reviews Search resources. I ultimately want to build a custom kernel for those machines which should be a bit easier since I have long stopped upgrading the build on those boxes, so my custom kernel won’t get overwritten every time I grab a new official build. My build environment is. Joined Aug 18, Messages 32 Thanks 0. Still a ways away from the effectiveness with which the amd64 version uses RAM, but better than the current situation hopefully. Joined May 24, Messages 9, Thanks

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I’ll make an abridged version here. Like I said before though, this is a recipe for problems. I made just one change to original FreeNas, in order to start jail. Yeah, on the motherboard that I’m using in this NAS amd64 is not an option.

Joined May 27, Messages 2 Thanks 0. You must log in or register to reply here. And Yes it took a while with trial and error to figure out that the jail needs: Is it possible to make some kind of off-site environment to compi,e things?


You should get a security alert, say Yes. I don’t care much about jail size, as I have separate HDD where jail is mounted. I have been following the instructions at This file gets copied into the aforementioned directory by nanobsd.

How to compile FreeNAS 8 | FreeNAS Community

Where does this place it compared to freenas 8. How to compile FreeNAS 8. I did tweak the loader. However if I run another “make release” immediately afterwards, it completes fine, with 5 other ports which are skipped due to the original failure.

Yeah, I’ll let you know how it works out.

Right now I have setup that I am pleased with. I’ll update the guide to reflect adding cdrtools again. Hi-Liter Newbie Oct 8, Before that compie machine would crash under high loads.

Yes it does, – unfortunately I am stuck right now with trying to build freenas in a freenas jail If you follow the directions in the How To Compile Freenas thread, the sources will be downloaded for you. The repository location has changed since FreeNAS 9.


Are you able to do it in a VM instead? Status Not open for further replies. Is it possible to on the command line create a new snapshot on the root and just untar something onto the RFS? If you want the driver to load automatically when freebas system is booted: Just one small addition: Having problems with compiling the latest build, here’s the error: Download the corresponding version of FreeBSD.

Howto: Compile Bitcoin 0.17.0rc3 with tor, ncurses2 on FreeNAS 11.2 iocage jail

Freenas is in the end just freebsd isn’t it? To be honest, if your controller won’t work with FreeNAS out of the box you shouldn’t be using it.

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