Walking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk. Ivo, In line with your comments, I downloaded both Mapsource and Basecamp. In the absence of a direct connection, this is more than adequate. Alternatively you can search for a solution here: The test was done on a 64bit machine running Windows 7. Click Cancel to stop.

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OMN is very impressive and it can be used offline with the iPhone. One way to shut down unnecessary programs on your computer is with the Task Manager.

In a GPS receiver, bearing usually refers to the direction to a waypoint. Then try the communication again. I continued through the list of checks: The USB to Com converter does what is does, it converts the type of connection to the PC, actuall that part of hardware seems to work fine.

Modernizing your Garmin serial interface

All works well once it lost communictions and wouldn’t talk – but disconnecting, a reboot and re-selecting the port sorted that.

Satnav is new to me, so I have no other Garmin software Basecamp, Mapsource installed at this time with which to test connectivity. Do you have access to another PC to test the setup?

The rate of closure to the destination, based upon your current speed and course.


After going through the welcome responses to this last night, I decided to uninstall the whole shooting match, and start from scratch. Don’t have it to hand though so I’m not sure exactly.

Modernizing your Garmin serial interface

It will run ok on my desktop using the converter. After installing it, Etre received the following confirmation on the Garmin web page suggesting the installation was successful: Please follow these steps erex check for proper installation: The direction from the beginning landmark of a course to its destination measured in degrees, radians, garnin mils or the direction from a route waypoint to the next waypoint in the route segment.

This process can be used in reverse to save tracklogs and call them up on your mapping software. Also the communication to the etrex seems to work fine via the updater, which is asking different functionality then google earth or other appsat least it is recognized also proven by installing on other pc’s. If you do find a fix, please post it on here.

Check out this thread. You only pay a subscription for the maps.

TRAMsoft GmbH – GARMIN eTrex H (english)

I initially thought it was maybe becaus of Windows 7, but its XP on my desktop, so I know its not the operating system. Specifications and packaging of the products are subject to change without notice.


Click the first column heading labeled Image Name to alphabetize the Processes list, 4. Close your browser then run the file called CommunicatorPlugin 3.

All models provide similar functions; these are the main differences: Restasrt your system 4. Save current location as waypoint Manage waypoints Manage route Manage travelled pathes Tracks Setup. Draw simple routes with a few waypoints joined with straight lines. Reasons why this is interesting in my opinion is following. The test was done on a 64bit machine running Windows 7.

I however did not use it with the etrex H but with the etrex 10 model and a legend model. Before removing this, I rebooted the PC and reconnected the receiver. At the top of the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab 5. Name of next waypoint Distance to next waypoint Estimated remaining time until arrival at next waypoint Direction to next waypoint Current speed.

In case others are in that position, I found the driver here: