Any attempt to use the DSN to update data will result in an error. Do not perform the telnet test below. Double check the user log in preferences and the system configuration ODBC tab. Decide which to use before proceeding. If so, consider an exception for pvxiosvr. But now I had a copy of pvxio. Table may not exist in database OR table name may need to be enclosed in square brackets [].

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Ijstall an “Access Denied” message appears, this indicates that permissions on the share are not set up correctly. Would that not conflict with the existing 4. Does anyone have a work around? Install ODBC driver without workstation setup.

I tried doing the workstation installation, then un-installing, which asks this question: Once you have filled in the three important fields, click on the Logon tab.

Repeat the steps above for every remote workstation. If you choose to use a drive letter, make sure that the drive letter will be mapped the next time you start up this workstation. The Deferred printing option will not be available.


Product Setup > Creating an ODBC Data Source Name

This article maybe helpful community. Make sur ethe binary is stored at the specified bow or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent. The Deferred printing option is not available.

Clear the Use Crystal Web Reports check box if it selected.

Connecting to an External ODBC database e.g. Sage 100cloud

In CRM i put in the settings to connect to the database. Enter the company code, user logon, and password.

Sage is not responsible for operation issues caused by incorrectly modifying your Windows security. For Sage Advanced versions and highersee the Related Resources section in this document.

This option is available in Sage MAS 4. Expand Library Master and Main. Any attempt to use the DSN to update data will result in an error. Remote users must have sufficient Windows permissions on their local computer for Sage MAS to copy the.

Once you have filled in the information, click on the Options tab to continue. In some environments, not having the correct permissions may lead to a “Database logon failure” message when attempting to run reports. I am just a bit surprised there is no “install just the ODBC driver” option inside the workstation setup process, given how easy it would be to inxtall it, or at least some other post here having the process I discovered through trial-and-error.


If it does not appear, press the spacebar to list tp results. When printing a form or report from a legacy module, all the remote user’s printers appear. The following message should appear: I have looked for a solution besides installing 32bit SQL Server. Click the Finish button to continue.

To run as an Application: Preview the company listing report again. I then made sure the information within the options tab was correct.

This tests the ODBC server and returns the number of tables in the dictionary. Rename the following key: If he can get to the old install they just do the work station install for v.