I googled the error and looks like a lot of different HP laptops having exactly the same problem. Buy a can of compressed air and blow it into the fan grill on the button. This was suppose to be solved with new motherboard. In step 10 you say to turn the cover upside down and disconnect one cable from the power button board. No soldering required whatsoever!

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HP Pavilion dv6700 laptop chipset drivers

So any ideas on the other components not working? Unsupported wireless network device detected.

Is it dim like there is no backlight at all? Maybe it would be enough to remove the object from the fan.

After using the towel trick wrap the laptop in a towel, turn on minus hard drive, leave for one hour to allow system to get VERY hot — hot enough to remelt solder on graphics core and fix problemI dismantled my laptop using your guide to replace the default thermal pad on the graphics chip with a copper spacer from eBay and some AS5.

How do you unplug the connector in step 10? I believe the right arrow points to the speaker cable. This is a great article. Took me swapping the memory in each slot to get the computer to power back on regularly.


So, I reformatted the hard drive and reinstall with factory install dvd. Test the laptop with each memory module separately. There has to be a way….

Was this corrosion over some small components? I checked a few nearby stores, even Home Depot, but none of them has it. Than I assembled everything back. HP’s new Pavilion PCs include a inch hybrid laptop.

You carefully lift up the locking tab, release the cable and pull it from the connector. I doubt it will change anything, but try anyway. FYI my Pavilion dv had three coax cables to the wireless card: I just looked at the official service manual for dv Really good tuto, congratulations and thanks for taking this time. I will get back to you when I fhipset further. I took the lap top to the Geek squad, they said it was probably the motherboard.

Should I remove the foam pad and put the thermal compound on it also?

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Make sure the cable is plugged correctly. It just keeps telling me not for this computer. So I followed all the steps to clean the fan. If I do bake it, Should I leave the processor in? Make sure this connector plugged correctly. I could one of the fans, and cipset appeared really dusty. Bad thermo paste use I think.


HP Pavilion dv6700

I was not wearing an anti-static wristband while working on the laptop, but I was touching metal every now and then, though not as often as suggested. Now the same problem, but i find it odd that sometimes i turne the laptop and everything looks great, as it should, and other times only the bad resolution… plus the last weekend it even start with a black monitor.

There are no new motherboards out there, they all refurbished. Did you lock the CPU socket? And I am not confusing the hdd led with the port led.