Review User Guide for additional details. Customers interested in using any of these operating systems are urged to download and use IEGD IEGD supports the following Windows operating systems: PAVP does the video decoding in the chipset to reduce processor load. Sometimes there are new features that require both to be updated. A region of physical memory used to store and render graphics to a display. Because we would like to support the gse chipset in our image we have upgraded the iegd driver to version 8 which should support both chipsets.

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Any timing mode that yields a pixel clock frequency that is between 20 MHz. Contact your Intel representative for more details. Twin display is a display configuration in which two displays are driven by the same set of timings.

IntelĀ® Embedded Graphics Drivers 10.3.1 User Guide

The functions for controlling this are proprietary information and cannot be released to customers through the API documentation. Intel embedded graphics drivers for intel architecture. EFI defines an interface between an operating system and platform firmware.

Non-standard features exposed, such as display switching and toggling, and DVO device inteo. Motion Compensation requires more processing to be done in software, thus increasing the CPU utilization rate. Separate areas of the virtual frame buffer map to each of the independent display frame buffers. A display that does not have the capability to send identification and timing information to the untel and requires DTD information to be defined in the driver.


The following chipsets are not fully validated with the IEGD This is because the Twin displays share the same timings and a single pipe is driving both displays.

Reserved memory can be configured to be used by the operating system and other applications when not in use by the BIOS.

The XOrg driver allocates the XVideo overlay to the primary display when operating with a cloned display enabled. For best performance, use the display in its native orientation. Glblur keeps the CPU load high but steady. OpenGL on supported 2.

Intel Embedded Graphics Driver

Westmere, 4-Series chipsets e. This hardware limitation was eliminated starting with the IEGD7. IEGD supports the following Windows operating systems: The following are supported by the IEGD driver only: Intel corporation embedded graphics controller intel corporation dc embedded graphics controller. Twin Display Configuration A type of display configuration that supports two display devices each kegd which has the same content, resolution, and timings.

This document discloses information about the external interfaces to the video BIOS, the interrupt 10h-function descriptions, and additional interface components.

An adapter card that can be inserted into the PCIe x16 port of Intel chipset family-based systems. All downloads available on this website have been scanned by the latest antivirus software and. These programs come with the xscreensaver suite please see http: Two inyel layers are supported by IEGD.


A feature that allows you to have different sized displays in Clone mode. For more information refer to the Intel graphics media accelerator driver for windows 7 32 zip this download installs version 5.

It can be downloaded from the Intel Premier Support Web site premier. With a flexible architecture, extending to the video BIOS, and a new UEFI video driver, this driver set speeds customer time-to-market by allowing OEMs and system integrators to customize configurations in-house, while maintaining a competitive performance profile.

However, you must build a driver for each specific chipset or SoC you are using and you may need to nitel to a later version of IEGD to be able to build a driver for a newer chipset. Inttel a hardware perspective, DIH is comprised of 2 frame buffers, 2 pipes, and iehd ports. The same restrictions apply when using a Dual-Independent Head configuration. The Intel Embedded Graphics Drivers were designed to enable the customer to configure the driver to support the platform.