I have the newest release, just downloaded it today. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Do you have a problem with it? I’ll work on getting this resolved as quickly as possible. As you can see it’s a pretty major issue.

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I want to create an AHCI patched verson of 1. Daniel Hollocher chogydan wrote on Any idea when this will be fixed. So, back to ubuntu. You made my day!

I wouldn’t want to do anything to my computer that i would later regret. Chuck Short zulcss wrote on I just downloaded Kubuntu 7.

JMicron JMB363 Add-on Card AHCI mode

I have a similar card to add support for PATA drives. Sign In Sign Up. They seem important, causing PCI config register bits 0xed[5: Now this problem is back, but with Linux Andcor corneliussen wrote on Maybe there will be an update of the CD, but I don’t know if and when. I speculate its purpose is to disable the option ROM, allowing the main BIOS to set up the rest of the device configuration without interference.


I jm3b6x try adding something following your dsdt code example and report back. Disable MSI by default. Given my limited abilities to understand hex, I cannot locate where to apply the changes to.

And while moving your hard drive to a higher numbered sata port gets it off the jmicron controller, this is only a mediocre workaround. I run the latest Several people mention that giving the parameter “all-generic-ide” to the kernel at boot works for Fedora Core, linuc, it did not work with the Ubuntu 6. I don’t know if this helps, but I got following errors during boot: I consider this for the dapper point release if someone can actually give some feedback about the kernel in jmircon

Shriramana Sharma jamadagni linus on What needs to happen is that Ubuntu dev’s need to get a fix for it.

Less than an Hour Ago Time Zone: The problem is, that when the HDD is hooked up with linxu, it initially recognizes the drive fine and it shows up in Disk Utility etc.


I bought machine with Core 2 Duo at monday and until then I have to use windows I have 2 sata drives in a non-raid config. Mariusz mariusz wrote on The option ROM loads, correctly reports connected drives, and allows booting from them.

[SOLVED] JMicron SATA/IDE PCIe Card eSATA problem – SATA/IDE Controllers – InsanelyMac Forum

The dapper-proposed approach with ABI 50 never really took off, readjusting tags liunx status for standard SRU workflow. I have two HDD conect. I want to boot an ide hd from a jmb card.

Comment on this change optional. On Thu, at I tried to set the same thing on my desktop marvell but seems to not work, so i need more info.