The downside is that the surround components may be crowded. I am going to be working with them to investigate active cooling fan. It would appear that this empty area of the PCB may be archeological evidence of what was. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. I had a MSI board with the same nForce4 chipset that recently died, was replaced, and died on me again, but the connectors on it worked fine. Gigabyte couples the many features of the nForce4 chipset with a myriad of other options to bring a motherboard to market that will serve the needs of any user many times over and does it at a competitive price in a very tight margin between product lines. Thanks for the education… Tumbleing Tumbleweed.

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I would rather send the board back than attempt to wire it. The Gigayte site says Watts with 2 x GT graphic boards that’s what I am planning to have I beleive but dizk seems a bit low? I had a MSI board with the same nForce4 chipset that recently died, was replaced, and died on me again, but the connectors on it worked fine.

my abit kn8 wont recognize the hdd

Where can i download drivers for this shit? I ordered Watts with 24 pin adapter – is this going to be OK? Some reviews have shown good overclocking with the GA-K8N Ultra-SLI motherboard but our attempts produced poor results even after underclocking both the processor and HyperTransport link. Designers must pull their hair out at times simply saata of the layout constraints of a product.


Gigabyte includes 4 SATA cables. Gigabyte continues to up the ante by packing more onto a motherboard than was thought possible. The nVidia Firewall protection can be as simple as turning it on.

GA-K8N-SLI (rev. 1.x) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Indonesia

This was the case with the four DIMM slots. The purple headers provide for two connections. The manual provides extensive information but it does require a careful read in order to know how to properly setup and configure a RAID system.

Much easier to work with but won’t clock worth a damn instead. Hard disks detection sequence is as follows: Such must be the challenge with motherboards. I tried it every way I could think of from boot and from windows.

After the steps above are completed, subsequent access to Xpress Recovery2 can be made by simply pressing the key during system power-on. As space is limited bumping into the graphics card in slot 1this can be tricky.

The comparisons are subjective. As of this moment I have not experienced any NF4 based problems on that motherboard despite the rather “warm” surface temps on the NF4 heatsink. It was first brought to market with the nForce3 GB chipset. The heatsink was not secure.

ABIT KN8 SLI – motherboard – ATX – Socket 939 – nForce4 SLI

The 4-pin ATX connection ended up buried in the corner on the opposite side of the motherboard from the pin connection. Xata going to ignite a few things. Restore the backed-up data to your hard disk. I was unable to get Raid 5 to work on the previously mentioned MSI board because the controllers would not recognize each others drives.


Now how big a power supply I need for this MB? It’s a given that if two video cards are installed then that PCI-E slot between is toast. There’s a PCI-E slot between the two video card slots. Xata would be like dropping a second engine into a tractor. Or, can you run the Raid 5 off the Nvdia controller zli. Please contact your motherboard manufacturer. It is normal that data backup takes longer time than data restoration. Motherboard kkn8 used to short everyone in the early days of SATA but Gigabyte learned that lesson early on.

This amounts to half the major features of this motherboard. Of course double the video cards means double the price and high performance PCI-E video cards are not cheap.