What will happen to this bug entry now? For more information, visit www. The device, in addition to the smart card reader, includes an integrated flash memory which enables the user to carry data in a highly secure and convenient manner. This is a rare chance to make a right move and receive your due benefits My favourite solution is: Stefan Schmid schms wrote on

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Driver for KOBIL Systems KOBIL mIDentity 4smart display – downloading and installing it

Plug-in your Kobil M-Identity stick. Remember to restart udev service udev restart on both. Kobil M-IDentity usb dongle: Global Research Partners pabooth mweb. Does it make a difference if I dont have a number in front of the name like you have? Changed in hal Ubuntu: At present, I am able to mount and use it like this your mileage may vary: Here is the mount output for mobil particular device: We do not reply to text inquiries, and our kobjl will reject all response traffic.


Declined for Lucid by Sebastien Bacher. Thanks a lot for the instructions. However, I am not an expert at writing udev rules!

It may be that your M-IDentity stick is mounted, but you don’t see the icon on the desktop. Read the final note of my instructions.

I have the exact same problem. Hello Stefan, You’re right, the workaround above works only on bit Ubuntu. Die neue Ubuntu-Version Markus mar-ayg wrote on Open the M-Identity folder that shows up on your desktop after a little while.

Configure, make and install pango: I do not like this idea. Start the virtual-box instance und activate the usb-stick as konfigured above. Restart udev by typing: No error logs on standard error if I run it from the command line.

SafeBoot world-wide reseller of Kobil mIDentity USB device | Manufacturing & Logistics IT Magazine

I have upgraded my Kobil M-Identity stick today. It means that if you don’t put any number in front of the name, the file will be applied after all number-prefixed files, which should be OK in this case.


Furthermore, the user can execute applications residing on the device, or can get access to his office environment from any place in the world. As soon misentity I see the browser for seconds, it closes and the stick is unmounted.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Agathon outlandwarrior wrote on Hello New Ubuntu release, problems are back: Nov 28, Comments 0. Stefan Schmid schms wrote on Ist diese Version mit dem M-IDentity kompatibel? Farliec farliec wrote on Hello After upgrading from Ubuntu