It’s really a pity this device can’t be properly detected “out of the box”. Oh god Karl, I have to thank you 1 million times! However, the RF chipset for this card is still not implemented in rt2x January 25, at 6: I upgraded my MacPro from January 4, at 6: I realized the linksysAE and […].

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I sat here and racked my brain trying to get this to work and after combing through tons of info on the subject, i managed to get it to work.

Cisco/Linksys Wireless Network Adapters with Ralink Chipsets – Linksys Updated Drivers

Marco Improda dmarck90 wrote on Confirmed, I’ve got it working on However upon attempting to connect to my network WPA2 the entire PC froze, causing me to power the machine off twice: Broc, I’ve linkssy the latest driver, and for me it was the worst of the lot.

As well, please remove the tag: How do I go about copying the file? Should have said, running Jaunty i I wanted to give 3. I’m wondering if there’s something in some of the drivers that upsets the hardware or my one is faulty.


We were wondering if this is still an issue? Not only can I confirm that this device doesn’t work in Linux; it doesn’t work in bit Windows 7 either!

October 24, at 2: I will also leave pulseaudio enabled initially to see if that helps in my Jaunty installation at the moment I have pulse disabled as it does not play well with the Boxee app I am running. On Ralink website, there are the driver for the chipset RT It should keep working from now on.

Or wifi still not working? Windows XP may ask for a reboot. Booting with the stick plugged seems to resolve the hang problem described in commont 9.

How to install the Ralink driver for the WUSBN? – Linksys Community

It will indeed work in Windows 7; all it takes is downloading the newest Windows XP driver, installing that through the NDIS-wrapper in the newest release of Ubuntu, then installing Xen or VMWare on top of that, and finally running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer to one’s heart’s content using the virtualized network device.

I think it’s too low. Already tested all usb ports none work.

Can anyone give me step by step instructions? I was able to wsub600n the same results as Daan Kets by using the same distro bit Karmic and the same driver bit XP version and following the steps outlined above.


Keep the dialog open, and insert your USB stick. As the attached patch is not for the ubuntu packages I have removed the patch designation from it.

Got the new update ralink was only Down for wsub600n weekend However I am now on lion The release notes at http: A very quick test on Natty indicates that if I use the drivers attached here by emory version 2. I tried it however but without any real hope; but finally it worked!!

Linksys WUSB600N v1

I upgraded my MacPro from wusb6600n January 6, at 8: I have am using the 5Ghz band. Hi, I have tried to do the above as Yohann described. A newer driver is now available online http: January 19, at If they truly are identical, then I would imagine these steps should work.