Fantastic, this means I won’t have to write one! It is slightly larger then the orange version but it will fit fine on most desks easy. Rii Mini I8 2. Feel free to post an updated source package once you have cleaned up these issues. You can even identify who s speaking in Ventrilo. The bitrate doesnt update when its a vbr, maybe you could add an updaterate.

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You can also create useful macros on the fly that play back with a single press of one of the six G keys. Other thing I like about the keyboard is that it is a standard layout unlike some that think they have a better idea and.

The LCD panel is very handy, it shows what song I have playing and I can use the keys around it to change the song, volume etc.

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So it’d be good if this feature was added. So, it actually has more features then the other G15 v2 and more functional macro keys then a G19 keyboard.


It is slightly larger then the orange version but it ligitech fit fine on most desks easy. The box is great and the price is right.

I do not know to which degree you violate the Logitech G15 SDK license because you are distributing that without the license agreement as well, but it is reasonable to assume that you have to at least include the license agreement, if you are allowed to redistribute the SDK at all.

And it feels p retty nice to type on as well.

Logitech G15 Keyboard Review

Since, they don’t use texture bumps or icon shapes and have no on screen menu. Overall it’s a pretty good gaming keyboard. I can’t say enough about this keyboard, I wish I had enough money for a G19 Santa will give to me.

I’ve had this keyboard for several years and find it to be a very durable keyboard. The main screen shows a clock and the last 4 people who tweeted.

Logitech G15 LCD Display Component

With the Logitech G15 keyboard, you get both. It includes whatever is in the pictures provided. Many computer desks are setup to go off to the left side. Buy one in Mint Condition, I have had two fail before from Ebay.

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Friday, December 28, Skip to main content. Here are v15 features. G19 Applets and Apps.

Create useful macros on the fly and play them back with a single press of Playing with the G Link to download LCDClipboard version 0. While this is a good question, I still find it entertaining that people want little things to show up on their keyboard, when they should be looking at the monitor.

You don’t need to be on the main screen for this to happen. The programmable G keys are a necessity for me.

Logitech G15 967599-0100 Wired Keyboard

Very handy when playing a fullscreen game. Making G-Keys harder to use in any game involving fast action. Fortunately Logitech provides a public software development kit so several programmers can release their own applications for the G15 LCD display.

Logitech g15 gaming keyboard My keyboard is no longer working properly.