Also, it has a modem and i have a phone, and i have an internet card. Use the directional arrows on your computer keyboard to browse through the different menus within the BIOS configuration utility and locate the RAID configuration utility options. Also, please stay with your original topic when posting follow ups. Use the assigned key to access the BIOS screen. Got few cases in this forum, u can try to boot up from external hdd. You will notice that i dont know much about computers so give me a break. My criteria went as follows

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Diamond Multimedia Satq Drivers; Device: Hey, i did indtalled XP before at least times and other OS even more Should these instructions not work out fine, drop a line here When completed loading files, you will be presented with the Problem is i cannot find the dial-up network so i can connect to the internet. Studio all use With those stats my Windows Experience Index has a base score of 2.


Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. All drivers should install without any problems, after which you should have a working winxp os in this “vista certified” desktop.


Report Broken Link Here. Hacks Maintenance and Repair In other languages: Hope this helps guys! Show posts by this member only Post Please help me with this Rinkun said… HI Can i please request all the driver for Aspire M i want to downgrade the pc back to xp but i cant find the driver. After downloading the drivers and following arid step by step process of how to use nLite I installed this onto Virtual Box just to see if this really could be done, and the answer is YES!! Vista is so confusing.


Dude, just remove any sata HDDs You have and leave just the one you want to install on. Usually you just need new drivers if a RAID controller has problems. Skip to content Acer Aspire One Netbook 8.

Cookies make wikiHow better. I now have windows XP installed.

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Show posts by this member only Post 3. Aug 7 I would advise anybody to download Virtual Box first and test that you have correctly made your boot disk, all Virtual Box does is partition part of your rad drive off, say 10 gigs, then you can load up a fresh OS onto it, giving you the option saat run both systems, your Host in my case vista and a slave, in my case XP.


Do not post your problems into other open threads saying “I have the same issue Sep 23 Sara located, scroll down the list options using the directional arrows on the computer keyboard and highlight the RAID configuration menu option. S ubscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe.

What new sorry for english: Hi binjai, thanks for your time you spend. And run the installation.

Update — after fiddling around I changed the ide controller from raid mode to AHCI setting and vista did boot up properly but the raid array was destroyed.

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Certain situations m6141 require temporarily turning off a system’s RAID function. You will notice that i dont know much about computers so give me a break. Now i still can choose the 2nd option and can get into window normally but my c: That way, you’ll be more assured that the driver you’re downloading is clean, legitimate, and compatible. Access the BIOS prior to start up.