For example, with a loop height of preferably less than 5 mils, more preferably less than 4 mils, and most preferably about 2 mils or less, grams of pull-strength on the wire can be achieved. A method for making an electronic card comprising: The drawings include the following figures: These and other limitations of the prior art will become apparent to those of skill in the art upon a reading of the following descriptions and a study of the several figures of the drawing. In this “independent” mode, secure processor 44 communicates with general processor 52 and provides services such as cryptographic functions and the dynamic generation of authentication information which is used to communicate via general processor 52 and magnetic stripe emulator 64 with magnetic stripe reader The wire can be made from, for example, copper or aluminum, alloys thereof, etc.

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Each of the first flexible cover and the opposing second flexible cover have a surface area greater than the combined maximum surface areas of the digital processor and the battery. A swipe emulating broadcaster as recited in claim 13 wherein said coil comprises a wire formed around said core by a process including at least the deposition of conductive material and the etching of said conductive material.

WOA9 – Electronic cards and methods for making same – Google Patents

The encoding current in the write head is capable of alternating direction thereby producing alternating zones of magnetization direction in the stripe that will form the data encoding of the magnetic stripe.

An electronic card as recited in claims further comprising an indicator coupled to said circuit board.

PC board is again provided with a number of tracesas well as space for the mcgujre 66 and batteries Then, in an operationbroadcaster 68 is installed in the slot provided for it within electronic card In an embodiment, set forth by way of example rather than limitation, a method for making an electronic card includes making a flexible printed circuit board, attaching at least one processor to the printed circuit board, coupling at least one battery to the printed circuit board, encapsulating mcguirre least the magteek processor, making a top cover and a bottom cover; and sandwiching the printed circuit board, the processor and the battery between the top cover and the bottom cover.


An exemplary embodiment of secure processor 44, given by way of example and not limitation, is a P8WE processor manufactured by Phillips of Germany. These exemplary embodiments are given by way of example and not limitation. Method for broadcasting a magnetic stripe data packet from an electronic smart card. An electronic card as recited in claim 1 further comprising a flexible circuit board including a plurality of mcgyire, wherein said processor is electrically coupled to traces of said circuit board.

WO2006116772A9 – Electronic cards and methods for making same – Google Patents

Systems and methods for advanced detection mechanisms for magnetic cards and devices. Preferably, an epoxy adhesive is used to encapsulate the electrical and electronic components other than those which must be exposed and to hold the assembly together.

Broadcaster 68 of this example may further include one or more sensors 70, which are electrically coupled to general processor If it is determined in operation that the assembly does not require reworking, control is passed to operationwhich concludes the process. As used here, the term “stripe emulator” will refer to a transaction mcguird where data transmitted to a legacy card reader is under the control of the general mcyuire.

kagtek System and method for offering risk-based interest rates in a credit instrument. Information carrying card comprising a cross-linked polymer composition, and method of making the same. Alternatives are provided bye Texas Instruments, Atmel, and others. In another exemplary embodiment, one or more switches are coupled to the circuit board.

It is to be understood that changes and variations may be made by those of ordinary skill in the art without departing from the spirit or the scope of the present invention, which is set forth in the following claims. By way of example and not limitation, the digital processor 52 should be thin and flat, with a first substantially planar surface and a substantially opposing second substantially planar surface.

In addition, it should be understood that aspects of various other embodiments may be interchanged either in whole or in part. Dynamic magnetic stripe communications device with beveled magnetic material for magnetic cards and devices. The process of magnetic tape application to transaction cards, the encoding of the magnetic stripe and the reading of the encoded data magteek the magnetic stripe at point of use has been a reliable and cost effective method for portable personal data storage for financial, ID and other transaction card based applications.


In another exemplary embodiment, the processor is coupled to the circuit board with bonded wire.

Time-varying security code for enabling authorizations and other uses of financial accounts. There are a great many applications for electronic security.

PC board magtsk provided with conductive traces, such as mcguirdand supports various electronic components such as processors 44 and Card, an assembly, a method of assembling the card and a method of outputting information.

Then, in a programming stepsecure processor 44 and general processor 52 are programmed with various data and programs necessary for the operation of electronic card In an alternate embodiment, general processor 52 communicates with the secure processor 44 in an ISO compliant mode over the bus If, on the other hand, in decision step it is determined that the functional test is passed, then, an encapsulation process is performed in step If, for example, the battery is 16 mils high and the processor 52 is 10 mils high in cross section, the center planes of the components could be separated by as much as 8 mils and they would still be considered to be “substantially co-planar.

An alternative standard for contactless smart cards is ISOwhich allows communications at distances up to 50 cm. It may not be necessary to test each and every coil but a sampling of broadcaster coils should be tested to ensure that magtke manufactured batch of coils is operative. The card body may be made from a thermoplastic material, such as polyvinylchloride PVC in exemplary embodiments, but other materials with sufficient flexibility and durability are also suitable.