Midex 8 August 4th, This inofficial driver can be installed at one’s own risk. But for us OS Xers, that is no longer necessary and there is a Mac version of the current driver available for free download from their website steinberg-dot-net. Once it runs then it runs till the next reboot. This is as you would expect, since each USB device takes some of the finite bandwidth available, but the beauty of USB is that you can unplug your other devices ‘on the fly’. Already have an account?

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New Drivers for Old Steinberg MIDI Interfaces

How can I override the block? Jac installing the kext manually with Kext Beast and rebooting, everything was fine. Data can be sent from multiple ports simultaneously, which is a big improvement over a standard serial or parallel-port MIDI interface where the more ports there are, the more the delays can accumulate.

Posted August 29, I had no problems at all using the Midex 8, and the timing certainly sounded very tight — but is it actually better than a standard MIDI interface? Education Steinberg offers a range of products at special education pricing for facilities, educators and students. With VST Instruments now offering sample-accurate playback timing, musicians with hardware MIDI synths are becoming the poor relations, at least as far as timing is concerned.

Midex 8 – Mac OS X Sierra / High Sierra works! (Updated /02/16) –

This partly compensates for the lack of any dedicated patchbay features such as those offered by Emagic’s AMT8 and Unitor 8, though you will need to use an external PSU if you want to use this feature when the computer isn’t powered up.


Users browsing this forum: As with nearly all USB peripherals, installation is simplicity itself: As with most software, the retail value is reflected in the license to use this product.

Company Press Careers Distributors. Martin Walker checks out an interface from Steinberg which should solve this problem — at least for users of their sequencing software However, there was a hitch during the driver installation with an ‘Install Failed’ message. However, with my Midex 3 I have been experiencing difficulties and inconsistencies with my Hackintosh installs. Sign in Already have an account? So I went back to Posted September 20, What is the reason for the OS failing to load it?

However, the icon was there in Applications and the program was able to start, but there was no additional content which are various included VST instruments. I installed the ancient Midex driver ftp: So I now use my TPB version.

Sign In Sign Up. And the driver works fine in most SL Midex 8 August 4th, This midec driver can be installed at one’s own risk.

It features a ‘designer’ 1U desktop case with optional brushed-aluminium end cheeks for rackmounting. Nor can these jidex overcome the serial nature of MIDI itself: Steinberg maintain that since the LTB aspect of Midex 8 is so closely linked to Cubaseit would be foolish to compromise its timing by adding multi-client capability. I open Paralells 10 with Windows 7. If you use Cubase VST 5.


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Content Sets Sequel Content Sets turn Sequel and Cubase into a fully fledged music factory for your midxe music style! However, after this excellent timing performance, I was disappointed to find that the current Midex 8 drivers are not multi-client, at least not when using the standard Windows MME driver interface.

The device has been recognized by the system, but, driver or not, the timing is just horrible. Sadly, I suspect more mqc will be upset by the current lack of multi-client drivers, and anyone currently running a stand-alone synth editor alongside Cubase will have to discard it to use the Midex 8. Apparently the drivers are multi-client-capable when addressed by an application using DirectMusic drivers, but there are few mmidex music applications that do this.

LTB is used for the first time in the Midex 8.