Otherwise the pads are good and when it works it’s very good. I thought it would be a little flimsy piece of hardware. Akai is releasing the MPD24, which has a lot more features which will be more expensive. Just plug in any usb 2. Piece of garbage, do not spend your money on this product.

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I dropped the CD into my drive, and it read and installed in a matter of a minute or two.

The pros were the price, the construction, the pads, the compatibility, the company, the customer service, and the piece of equipment in general.

Beginning of a solution: It only has one bank, one slider, no note repeat button, and some horrible pads. Just plug in any usb 2. Write a user review. mpf16

Akai MPD16 USB Percussion Pad Controller | The Audio Magazine

You can switch through 2 different banks to program 32 sounds quickly. What started as a simple string and pedal sales catalog has grown exponentially over the past thirty years.

I thought mp1d6 would be a little flimsy piece of hardware. My only issue with it has been that sometimes the usb connection will go offline when you send too much information through the controller.


Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. It’s build like a toy. I started hitting the pads on the MPD and realized exactly what my studio had been missing. I wish I could figure out whats going on with the usb connection but this is a great piece of gear.

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You can read my review on the MPD24too. Pad sensitivity is easily adjusted with slider. It’s a great value and it can prove priceless to any home studio setup. This, coupled with its easy USB mld16, made me whip out the debit card for this baby.

Akai MPD16 USB Percussion Pad Controller

Originally posted on FutureProducers. Write a user review. I dont know about PCs but for mac it was a breeze to get working. At the time there was no choice.

I sold mine right before Akai started reproducing c MPD16 again about When it comes to pros and cons, there were only pros. Our members also liked: Also the pads could have been closer to the solid MPC pads. The functionality of the MPD16 is designed with simplicity in mind. Sorry to make you guys upset by leaving out the cons. The fader was nice to control the volume in my DAW.


Akai MPD16 USB MIDI Drum Pad Control Surface

It’s a great value and it can prove priceless to any home studio setup. I thought I had a conflict with another device that is not usb, but nothing has changed Log in Become a member.

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The features are pretty bunk. Instead, I had 16 perfectly spaced levels to work with. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Although the Yamaha unit has a clean interface and logical menus, it does suffer from the limitation of small nonvelocity-sensitive pads that are laid out in an awkward arrangement.