There are practically no changes in exterior, only heatsinks on the chipset bridges are replaced by copper ones. Intel Conro E 2. We can only note a questionable set and layout of expansion slots, which may leave a user with only one accessible PCI slot. Click on Memory Modules, and you’re there. Best Selling in Motherboards See all. Probably associated with the product it self so that the list can bring users attentions immediately while browsing through the products!!! Socket Computer Motherboard for Intel.

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See details for description of any imperfections.

MSI 975X Platinum, LGA775 Socket, Intel (975X PLATINUM POWERUP EDITION) Motherboard

This review should please both sides, because we are actually going to examine two models based on Intel X. What does this price mean?

I then tried Dual Channel configuration but experienced the same problem. This item doesn’t belong on this page. We need a detailed description of your system to give better advice. Ok so the report is associated with the product, but there are only 11 types of 1G RAMs have been tested while there are hundreds different ones out there.

Serial ports Rear 1. The quick installation guide is another matter, it’s not helpful at all. A relatively large heatsink on Northbridge has no fan now. Not only is the Core 2 Duo fast, but it also addressed all those nasty issues tangled up in Netburst Noise level, dB A: Audio ports Rear 6.


MSI X Platinum and MSI X Platinum PowerUp Edition (MS) — Motherboards on Intel X

The box looks similar, but it’s changed its orientation from portrait to landscape; the “PowerUp Edition” label marks the improved model. Some time ago all manufacturers would include their own Linux versions…: It’s not like A-Data is manufactured on Mars and no one else on Earth has ever heard about it. You may download the driver by clicking the platnum icon. However the system runs perfect if I set up the RAM without dual channel. The amount of innovative and totally new hardware we’ve seen in the last few months has certainly taken us for a wild ride.

There is absolutely nothing outstanding about this motherboard. OCZ and other manufactures had to rework their memory and introduce v2 for all x motherboards, this is not kan to MSI but to most memory manufacturers.

After more than 25 hours none-stop memtest, the program has showed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with both memory sticks as I have expected!! Just be careful though because CoreCell does offer values high enough to damage hardware if you’re not careful! mdi

Imagine if a user has to select 1 out of 2 motherboards which both have similar performance. There are practically no empty seats, for obvious reasons though our sample had no connector for an IrDA module on a bracket. The Intel Core 2 Duo is definitely the one processor with the platunum impact on the computer landscape, and for good reason.

MSI X Platinum – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – iX Overview – CNET

Many have “Memory Configurators” where you choose the MOBO you have or are going to purchase and the configurator will list the modules that the company has tested and state as compatible. I’d say either to produce MOBO which works with more memory modules or have a complete list of compatible memory modules listed on their website! There are practically no changes in exterior, only heatsinks on the chipset bridges are replaced by copper ones.


By the fourth quarter ofyou and many many other people will have quad core processors, and it will seem like eons ago when ‘oldtimers’ used PCs with just a single core CPU. Home Help Search Login Register. It’s great how MSI explains everything down to the tiniest detail while talking in an easy to understand language.

MSI 975X Platinum – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – i975X

The user manual is well done, providing novice users with enough guidance to make it through hardware installation in a breeze. We can only note a questionable set and layout of expansion slots, which may leave a user msu only one accessible PCI slot.

This points the problem back to the motherboard. The MOBO recognizes the memory and runs it on the correct speed thanks for your help on this one. Thermalright HR Heatsink on the Southbridge.